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I cuddle up next to you, curling around you with my hand wrapped around your waist. Cheap birmingham escorts. Don't you think I'd be so good for you, too? I will post the punishment a day after this. You hear more footsteps in the cave on either side of me. What if my voice, the moment I start talking, makes you instantly horny and you become so in love with me that orgasm will feel heavenly?

You can't do this to me! I believe very firmly that motivation is important, and part of this file is telling that hidden observer in your mind WHY I make these files, WHY I train you, condition you. Chastity tease audio. Tomorrow I will be releasing Orgasmic Intensity 1- will you be ready?

In it, I place the trigger "Slave Mode" This trigger will let your mind know it's time to play. Kinkation pt1- Guess the Paddle I start my play for my kinky vacation with a scene on a spanking bench. Being in that heavenly sub-space I will make you orgasm in a way you never knew was possible and in the afterglow, I will imprint all triggers and suggestions again and make sure that all future orgasms you experience listening to me, feel this good again and again!

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For those of you who are interested how BDSM scenes realistically work in relationships.

A Hypnotic Enchantress surprises you, her voice quickly ensnaring you as you walk willingly into her trap. Sitting right in your line of sight every day, always making sure to catch your attention in some way, making sure to tease you, to leave you uncomfortably hard and frustrated.

Orgasm denial may include elements of bondage erotic humiliation and servitude. Best mother son incest movies. Nothing like a Domme dressed to the nines touching your cock and……. You hear more footsteps in the cave on either side of me. Chastity tease audio. But we are going to do what I want. One of my supporter submitted files, this is a short audio for those of you currently caged up. But if you stick up for me at that school hearing tomorrow, they can't expel me. Listen to "Wanna Cum?

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