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After the age of change and war through kingdoms and the well k Now he stands surrounded by dead bodies and torn off body parts with the smell of death in the air.

It was a shame that Sonic had to leave so early but Amy was still fuming over why Tails didn't wake her up before Sonic left. Yoga pants see. Requested bythis is another Sonic Fanfic, this time it involves Sonic's Werehog form, this one was really tricky, but i done the best i could, enjoy.

Long ago, the two races shared a great bond for each other, until a deadly plague fell amongst the village. Sonic werehog fanfiction. Anyway, here's some crossover fanfic porn. Hope you enjoy though! Even though they always favored your perfect older sister, you thought they still loved you. But as always, great power comes with great responsibility. Foot prints heading into the city, and back into the woods.

Want to let the grumps know they should play a game?

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But after the whole Ilbis, Mephiles, and all that other craziness, the Chaos Emeralds went unstable and the Werehog curse returned to me. Index of flv porn. It was still growling the whole time, but the wild beast didn't harm him.

Please upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. Not surprised to see you! The battle dragged on until Eggman summoned an army of Egg bots. Comments page 0 of 0. Sonic werehog fanfiction. You will have your revenge on all of them, just like me! The Werehog wants his Shadow, but his Shadow wants revenge?

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